Makeup 101: Brushing on Perfection

What you use to put your makeup on is just as important as what kind of makeup you are using. When you apply makeup with the wrong brush, or one of poor quality, it can ruin your entire beauty queen look. Whether you’re preparing a rockstar look for a night out, a daytime look for class, or just trying to cover up your hangover, your brush’s shape, texture and quality is vital. Here are a few types of brushes that should be on every girl’s vanity (or wish list, hint-hint).
Kabuki Face Brush: Kabuki brushes are huge and perfect for all over face coverage, whether you are applying foundation or bronzer. This kabuki brush is from Too Faced and is made with “teddy bear hair bristles” so it’s soft on sensitive faces. Yes, it’s a little pricey but the texture and longevity make it worth the splurge. If your’re looking for something a little cheaper but still quality you can check out The Balm’s mini version of the kabuki brush.
Concealer Brush: When applying concealer to cover up your blemishes or under eye marks, it can be tempting to skip the brush. But by getting a concealer brush like this one from Bare Escentuals you are keeping your skin clean and getting a fully blended look.
Angled Blush Brush: Using round brushes for blush can create a Bozo-like look, but angled brushes make the cheek color look more natural. A soft angled blush brush like this one from Benefit works best when applied on the apples of the cheeks in an upward sweeping motion.
Fine-tipped Eyeliner Brush: Thin eyeliner brushes like this Bare Escentuals brush allow you to get super close to the lash line without the irritation that comes with eye pencils. This brush can also be used wet or dry, so different looks can be easily achieved.
Angled Shadow Brush: Just like with blush, angled brushes create a more blended natural look. Angled brushes like this one from The Balm are especially useful when creating smokey-eye looks.
Lash and Eyebrow Comb: Okay, so I guess it’s not technically a brush, but I’m throwing it in anyway. The lash side of this Professional Platninum comb is great for separating clumped lashes and the brow side allows you to set brows in place, or brush them upwards when you are trimming.
If you’re looking for some great kits, check out: Sephora Brand’s Anti-bacterial brush set. Yeah, okay, I’m a germophobe, but these are awesome; each brush is treated with a hypoallergenic compound designed to repel and destroy bacteria. Also check out Sephora Brand’s Mineral Makeup kit that is designed specifically for mineral makeup, and it comes in an adorable gold clutch case.
Oh, and that germophobe in me is also reminding you to clean your brushes to keep em going! Just a little bit of warm water and shampoo will work, or check out this brush cleaning formula!

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