New School Students Stage 60’s Style Protest

Our parents are always talking about their political activism in the 60’s: the sit-ins, the rallies, the demonstrations. Our generation, according to them, is just lazy and not willing to stand up and fight for what we believe in.

Well take that, parents! Some members of our generation are doing just that!

Students at The New School in Manhattan are fed up with the inefficient leadership at the university and decided to take matters into their own hands – by barricading themselves in the school’s cafeteria. The group settled in last night at 8pm and blocked the door with recycling bins, tables and signs.

What do they want? According to the New York Times:

As word of the protest spread and the group grew larger, a list of demands was produced. Those included [Bob] Kerrey’s removal as well as the ouster of James Murtha, the university’s executive vice president, and Robert Millard, the treasurer of the school’s board of trustees. The students said they wanted more of a voice in school matters and full disclosure of the school’s investments.

The students don’t plan on leaving anytime soon, so we will see how things pan out. Especially considering Christmas break is coming and most of these people – no matter how politically motivated – will probably want to head home at some point. Until then, let’s all take notice of what they are doing and be inspired to stand up for causes we believe in.

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