Sexy Time: The Holiday Hook Up

Regardless of whether you’re already home for the holidays or stuck in the library hating school/life (like me…urgh), you can’t deny the splendor of the holiday season. Along with wintertime come some of my favorite things: hot chocolate with marshmallows, an opportunity to finally wear that ridiculously expensive pea coat, really big presents, and of course, the infamous holiday hook up season.

If you’re a single lady and have not experienced the holiday hook up in all of its glory, I highly suggest you take the opportunity to spread the love of the holiday season. (Hey, you gotta keep warm somehow). Why, you ask?

No strings attached – Unlike summer, your winter break is short enough for you to establish a regular hook up buddy without actually having to hang out with them. If you two hit it off, you can always see them the next time you go home. If things go sour, remember that you will be back at school in less than a month and never really have to talk to them again. Plus, you don’t run the risk of running into Mr. Awkward on your way to an 8 A.M. midterm in your penguin pajamas.

Anyone’s game – Since you probably won’t see your hook up for a while, you can really choose anyone you want. Ex-boyfriends, best guy friends, next door neighbors, and that random guy in the back of your 8th grade health class are all viable options. Definitely better than going home with some random you meet at two dollar drink night at the local bar, if you ask me.

You can try new things – If you’re a little self conscious about your “skills” or level of adventurousness, this is an opportunity for you to step a little out of your comfort zone. Most likely you will know this person well enough to “color” outside the lines (props to Sex and the City movie) without feeling self conscious about it.

So go ahead, bust out the mistletoe and see what happens (Sorry, had to throw in at least one terrible holiday reference).

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