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Bristol Palin’s Baby Grandma Arrested

Remember Bristol Palin, the most popular unwed mama-to-be since Jamie Lynn Spears? We haven’t heard much about her (or her gun-toting mother) since Barack Obama won the election. Well, she’s almost due! Little Baby Palin will be gracing Wasilla with her presence this weekend!
Unfortunately, she is going to be without gifts from Grandma Johnston. Looks like Levi’s mama got herself into a little bit of trouble…
“The 42-year-old Johnston has been charged with six felony drug counts.”Whoops!
Not that we can blame her; what else is there to do in Alaska (besides sleep with the Governor’s daughter and go sledding)? She must have been totally down and out after she lost her chance to hang out at the White House. She should have stuck with Sarah and opted for hunting moose to lift her spirits instead.

Beware of the Pink Gang
Beware of the Pink Gang
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