G.W.W.E.: Owen “Show Us Your OH Face!” Wilson

(We’re back with another weekly installment of G.W.W.E. [Guys We Wanna Eff]. How is it that we have NOT featured my favorite fraternal hottie, Owen Wilson? That’s almost a crime against humanity. Or at least, a crime against CollegeCandy readers who want to eff Big O.)
I’m gonna say it: I’m a big sap. Especially when it comes to puppies. There’s something about big, soulful puppy eyes that makes me squeal like a four-year-old. And all that cuddly fur. And those widdle, widdle paws…
But what’s cuter than puppies? Guys who love puppies. A dude who’s totally into playing around with man’s best friend is always effable in my book, cuz you know what? Chances are he’ll be equally as affectionate when he’s rubbing your belly and scratching your back. Prime example: Owen Wilson. His new film Marley and Me opens Christmas Day, and you can bet your (rawhide) bones my butt will be in attendance to see him (and his pup) shake their tails.
It’s not like I needed a cutesy dog movie to want to eff Owen Wilson, though. He has been very high on my radar ever since he appeared in The Royal Tenenbaums, which he co-wrote! (Since he’s a writer, and I’m a writer, clearly we are soulmates. Clearly.) As an actor, he’s been able to master all different varieties of comedy, from the subtlety he expressed in The Royal Tenenbaums to the full-on goofiness of Wedding Crashers. Emotional range is so effable.
Oh, and lets not forget that Owen’s sexiness definitely runs in the family. Score with him and you could count among your buddies his brothers Luke and Andrew, too. Mr. Wilson has been romantically linked to Kate Hudson and, most recently, Jennifer Aniston. I take it he likes blondes. Okay, O, if you ever want to jump ship and get to know eff a brunette, please call me!
Until then, I’ll settle for some effable photos and my vivid fantasies.

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