The CC Weekly Weigh In: Our Holiday Wish List

Dear Whomever it is That Brings the Presents,
We’ve been good this year. No, really. Stop laughing! The sporadic nights of binge drinking/copying those Stats problems/”borrowing” a few rolls of toilet paper from the university bathrooms are nothing worthy of lumps of coal, right? I mean, we went to class, we worked really hard and we got ourselves one step closer to being real adults! That must mean something.
Like, I don’t know, that our holiday wish lists might be fulfilled this year? That we won’t have to suffer through more socks from Grandma, and more educational DVDs from the aunts and uncles? That we won’t have to fight the tears as everyone else gets Mario Kart for the Wii and we are stuck with a pair of ugly light wash jeans?
We don’t want much and we laid it all out below. You know, so there are no mistakes. (Oh, and some of us are celebrating Hanukkah, which starts Sunday night, so you may want to get on the shopping ASAP. Don’t worry, though; you have 8 days to get it right.) Thanksmuchbye!
The CollegeCandy Writers
P.S. We left you some cookies and milk. Hope you like Cakesters!
Sara C – Fordham: A quality tinted moisturizer, and a nice, long vacation. I know I’ll definitely be getting the latter!
Sarah – East Carolina University: Mac OSX Leopard, so that my Macbook stops shrieking in fear of PC programs.
CJ – UConn: -To make room for gym time, or, better yet, lose 15 pounds without really trying. Oh, and world peace?
Lauren – University of Michigan: A second guitar for my Guitar Hero and Chinese Food (because that’s what Christmas always makes me crave).

S.E. – Fordham
: Tickets to see Wicked. They’re expensive so I want someone else to buy them for me!
Olua: Color me idealistic, but I just want a white Christmas.
Sara Beth – University of Texas: A pair of Roo’s
Suzanne – Tulane: To pass all of my classes. Santa, can you hear me?!

Leah – Ryerson University
: I’ve already gotten most of my Christmas presents (a.k.a stuff I needed for school) but the one luxury item I asked for was Marc Jacobs’ Daisy. So good!
Erica – Kent State : A KorgX50 Synthesizer. I want to make me some music!
Elizabeth – UC Berkeley: A big Northface backpack that can fit all of my books. That’s actually pretty sad once I think about it.
John – UConn: A big, green terry bathrobe. The idea is to wear as much clothing as possible while still feeling, underneath, as naked as possible.

Noa – CU Boulder
: New Uggs. Lame, I know, but a girl can never have too many semi-ugly but totally heavenly boots.
Carly – Grinnell: An apron or a sewing machine (apparently I am a ’50s housewife).
Kelly – UMass: A pole to practice my new pole dancing class routines. Somehow, I don’t think my mom is too keen on having a stripper pole in our house though.
Alex – Lakehead University: Taylor Swift tickets….whatever. AND GUESS WHAT, I ALREADY GOT THEM!
What’s on your wish list this year?

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