Weekly Wrap Up: Vacation is Here!

Oh yeah, baby. Finals are finally over, which means sweet freedom! I haven’t been this happy since my last snow day (in high school)!
It is all cheesy movie marathons, holiday jams, catching up on magazines, and heavy carbs for the next few weeks. No more frozen ears walking to class, IM fighting with the roommate who never does her dishes, or long nights in the freaking library. (Although, I really can’t complain that much; at least I’m not this girl.)
And maybe I can finally get over that dude who is so not into me and have me a little holiday fling. That would be nice.
I do have one thing to worry about, though, and that is what the hell to get my parents. Maybe my dad will want the new Burger King cologne? And maybe some makeup brushes for mom? Definitely not the female condom. Ew.
I could just win that sweet new AT&T Palm Centro and give it to one of them. Wait, I want that one for myself. After all, after a week like mine, I deserve it.

G.W.W.E.: Owen “Show Us Your OH Face!” Wilson
G.W.W.E.: Owen “Show Us Your OH Face!” Wilson
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