The Gifts That Keep on Giving (Literally)

It’s my belief that dads are the most impossible group of people for whom to buy holiday gifts. What do they want, anyway? Year after year, I dread the rolling around of his birthday and Christmas because I have absolutely no idea what to get for my dad.
Not this year!
Inevitably, there will always be people on your holiday-gift list who stump you (especially now that you waited until the last minute!). Maybe you haven’t seen Great-Aunt Ruby since you were ten, but you have to get her something this year because she just sent you a ton of cash for your birthday. Or maybe you just made a new friend, but you aren’t sure of this person’s likes and dislikes yet.
Charity to the rescue!
If the people you know are nice, they’d probably really appreciate a charitable gift. Not the kind of charity where you give them money—the kind of charity where you give others money in the name or honor of those you’re gifting.
Here are some great places to start.
Heifer International – This organization has a gift catalog link from their home page, which will lead you to a menagerie of offerings to give in the name of friends or family members. You can give a flock of chicks or ducks for as little as $20. Heifer is all about providing livestock to people who need it to become self-reliant, and it’s a great cause.
World of Good – This place is partnered with eBay and sells eco-friendly, humane, fair trade, etc. gifts of all kinds. You can search for gifts in four categories: people positive, eco positive, animal friendly, and supports a cause.
Global Goods Partners – Offering gifts and the opportunity for donations, Global Goods Partners aims to relieve poverty around the world and empower women by giving them the resources they need to become self-sufficient and successful.
Build a Nest – This site supports women artists and artisans in developing countries by providing them with loans to start or maintain creative businesses. The products are sold online, and much of the proceeds go back toward helping the women.
Hooray for the Underdog – Sells fun and funny notecards and images, then donates a portion of all proceeds to benefit rescue dogs and animal-welfare groups.
Animal Gift – For the animal lover in your life, Animal Gift provides you with tons of donation options that will help animals from seals to elephants.
World Vision – This aid organization provides an online holiday gift catalog with options ranging from goats and chickens (similar to Heifer International) to emergency aid in Darfur to portions of clean-water wells in Africa.
[Photo courtesy of World of Good. We just bought that beautiful bag!]

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