The Love List: Getting a Little Nostalgic

Welcome to my Weekly Love List. A list on all things I love, because if I love them – well then obviously you may (and should) love them too.As the Backstreet Boys song says (and yes I am actually quoting them) “My Love is All I Have To Give.” So with that throwback, here are this week’s list-worthy things…]
1. Right now it’s all about Britney’s comeback, but after spending my Friday night in a bowling alley with a bar and massive music videos playing that made me think it was 1999, I started to wish the comeback was for someone else: our dear friend, Whitney. As in Houston. As in “It’s not right, but it’s okay,” and all the other amaaazingness that she brought before she went all drug bust on us. So, as Whit once said, Greatest Hits CD, “I will always love you.”
2. While doing some research on great gift idea websites, my BFF Google suggested a site called kaboodle, which reminded me of Caboodles. Which made me get all nostalic, and there is nothing I love more than nostalgia. So my curiousity was piqued and as it turns out- Caboodles? Still in business (and still an awesome gift for your nostalgic friends). I think I still have my turquoise, pink and purple one from the 80’s – nothing better than lifting up that clip and opening the top layer just to find more sparkley blue eye shadow beneath it!
3. Ok, enough missing my middle school days. Right now I heart these scarves. They spruce up an outfit, hide the cleaveange in front of your grandma, and make you look effortlessly coooool.
4. Keurig Individual Coffee Maker: When you live alone making a whole pot of coffee just seems useless. This may just be the best invention ever. So many flavors, brews super fast (when you wake up late for class), and makes that perfect cup for late night studying and hangover cures alike.
5. Ojon ‘Rub Out’ Dry Cleanser. For days when you oversleep but realllly shouldn’t have because your hair looks like Danny’s from Grease (or just actual grease?). Fear no more. This stuff does the trick when you need to stretch it out for one more day and it smells good. Not like grease at all; more like heaven. Now that is (Summer) lovin’.

The Gifts That Keep on Giving (Literally)
The Gifts That Keep on Giving (Literally)
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