Best Holiday Gifts: Jewelry

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The holidays are upon us, and you know what that means — it’s time to give and to get! Okay, they’re about more than that, but who doesn’t want the latest and greatest clothing and accessories? That’s what we thought. Read on to discover this week’s edition of The Best Holiday Gifts, featuring fabulous jewelry!
One Pearl Pink Potato Pearl Strand
Forget your grandma’s pearls — this necklace is so the way of the future. Tiny mismatched pink pearls are accented by a single oversized grey pearl in a strand so long, you can wrap it three times for added glamour!
$75 at

Rachel Leigh Gumball Ring in Plum
This handmade ring is sure to garner tons of attention when it sits atop your index finger — yes, your index finger, not your ring one! But be careful not to chew on this gumball, we wouldn’t want you to chip your teeth!
$68 at

Natha Perkins Copper Nests Earrings
We haven’t seen a pair of earrings this inventive in quite some time. Intricately wound bands of copper wire surround faceted crystal studs, forming a sort of target silhouette that just looks gorgeous dangling from the ear.
$80 at

mark Make Change Convertible Earrings
Want to feel like a fashion designer? Then these are totally the right pair of earrings for you. The hoop contains an oversized teardrop-shaped silhouette and a faceted jewel hanging from a long chain, each of which can be worn together or separately. You can make them a style all your own!
$12 at

Prismera Design Yucca Hoop Necklace
The yucca is probably one of the most intriguing in the floral family, with its ability to lift its face to the moon at night and emit a heady fragrance. So it only stands to reason that this delicate necklace is unbelievably beautiful.
$64 at

Bellissima Jewelry Design Seaside Earrings

Aqua chalcedony drops dangle in between myriad ring-linked gold chains, creating a silhouette that’s somehow both sweet and sophisticated all at once.
$62 at

Betty Belts Chelsea Necklace
This necklace is totally vintage-y, with an intricately cut red heart hanging from a cool leather cord. We totally wish we could go back to the 60s with it — but we’ll settle for right here, right now.
$24 at

All Made Up: Bold Holiday Beauty
All Made Up: Bold Holiday Beauty
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