Body Blog: Stay Strong (and Fit) During the Holidays

It is really easy to throw caution to the wind and dive headfirst into holiday dinners, cocktails and leftovers (a few hours later.) Unfortunately, it is not so easy to rid your body of the fat and calories the next day. So, instead of letting yourself go crazy for the holidays this year (“But my mom only makes this peanut buttery chocolatey heavenly dessert once a year!”), why not try a little moderation?
Don’t worry; you can still eat some of the chocolatey peanut butter thing.
1. Exercise: Whether it is Christmas dinner, or a plate full of latkes, you know you will be eating something out of the ordinary (and off the charts in terms of calories) this holday season. Prepare in advance by getting a workout in. Most gyms are open – even on Christmas day – so don’t use the holiday as an excuse to take a vacation from fitness. Unless you want everyone to buy you a size up in the clothes on your holiday wish list.
2. Eat Before You Go: Whenever I go to holiday meals I tend to starve myself all day to make room for the scrumptious treats that will be served. That is a good idea in theory, until I find myself taking second and third servings of very unhealthy foods (and feeling horribly guilty/angry at myself later). Don’t go to these meals hungry! Eat a little snack before you go to curb your hunger, that way you can have a little bit of the foods you love without going completely overboard.
3. Survey The Scene: Your meal will most definitely have a ton of options, so take a lap and see what there is before you start loading up the plate. Once you see everything there is to offer, choose your dinner wisely – and, yes, you can take your favorites! – so you eat what you like without going nuts. But…
4. Moderation is Key: No one is telling you not to enjoy those special holiday foods. That would be unfair. (And totally hypocritical considering we are chowing down on a holiday cookie right now.) But just because you have to eat some of Grandma’s special pie, doesn’t mean you need to eat three giant hunks of it. Have a little slice and savor it; you will get the flavor without getting the gut.

Everyone is Getting Fat
Everyone is Getting Fat
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