Science Will Turn You On

Here’s an invention for the sex kitten in all of us: scientists in the UK have developed a chip that will stimulate the pleasure centers of the brain. In other words, this chip will turn you on.
The technology is very rough at the moment, but the people behind it (all men, I presume) say that it should be perfected within the next 10 years. What does perfect look like?
“When the technology is improved . . . it will be more subtle, with more control over the power so you may be able to turn the chip on and off when needed.”
So, on at home and off during class? On during class and off with the parents? On with the boy and a quick off when the roommate walks in?
At first glance this gadget seems pretty fantastic, but think about it: once guys know they can just “flip a switch” to get you in the mood, the romance will be over. Say goodbye to flowers, candy and those sweet nothings in your ear. Give a little TTFN to makeout sessions, opening doors and nibbling on your neck. Hell, say goodbye to foreplay. With the ease of flipping this switch, guys won’t need to work for it anymore.
I am all for technological advancements in TVs, music players and cars, but let’s leave sex to nature, shall we? Call me old fashioned (and a little kinky), but I like the old way.

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