Style Idol: Jenny from the Block-Jennifer Lopez

Everyone’s been taking about JLo lately, and we want to also – just not for the same reasons. Who cares if she and Marc Anthony are calling it splits (that’s their business, anyway)? We care about more important things…like what she’ll be wearing to meet with the attorneys.
Being one of the most famous faces in the world means always looking camera-ready, and Jennifer Lopez has gotten that down pat. Whether out shopping in jeans and a casual top, or posing for the Oscars, J.Lo has got it goin’ on. She’s always seen in gorgeous designer duds (and is close friends with many of them), does a lovely job when it comes to accessorizing, and knows how to flaunt that kick ass bod of hers (even after twins).
She’s often seen wearing asymmetrical drapey numbers, but she also looks amazing sporting tight gowns that really hug her curves. Oh and let’s not forget those awesome hats and sexy knee-high boots, looks that most women can’t pull off (and lord knows I’ve tried!). As a whole, she almost always looks flawless and her fabulosity shines through no matter what the occasion is. And for that, Jennifer Lopez is my Style Idol this week. Maybe this honor will help lift her spirits as she (allegedly) handles a very public divorce.

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