The Hills: Season Finale Tonight!

Just in case you forgot, tonight is the end to yet another glorious season of The Hills. But don’t shed a tear, because The City, Whitney Port’s new show in NYC, is starting up next week! Thank you, MTV, for giving me a continuous dose of really bad (fake) reality TV. Love you!

Anyways, tonight is more than just another episode. There is a possible Heidi/Lauren reunion! And a party! And interviews! And a performance by The Pussycat Dolls!

Oh yeah, it’s gonna be huge.

And CollegeCandy is gonna be there. Yeah, we are sneaking in a fabulous CC writer to check out the entire scene and report back tomorrow morning on the clothes, the silicone, and the flesh colored beard. So, kick your parents out of the living room, pop open a bottle of Cristal Boones Farm and watch The Hills with us tonight.

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