Happy HumanLight! (The Anti-Holiday Holiday)

Everything is all about Christmas and Hanukkah (and sorta Kwanzaa and Festivus…people just don’t devote enough attention to those ones) right now, but what about the people who don’t celebrate any of those holidays? What about the atheists and humanists out there? They need a holiday, too.
And they have one? Who knew?
Today, December 23rd, is HumanLight. What is that? I have no idea, really, and either do the people celebrating it. It is supposed to be a family holiday, but because there is no set religion (and therefore, no set rules), people can choose to celebrate the holiday however they’d like.
All I know is this is another great reason to drink on a Tuesday. So, grab your holiday drink of choice and let’s pour one for our HumanLight celebrating homies!

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