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Dear Tuffy Luv,
I’m a college sophomore and, until recently, I was planning to save myself for marriage. But I just recently I started dating the guy of my dreams and I think I’m ready to have sex with him. My question is what are some books where can I read about how to have sex? Not like kinky weird sex, just doing it for the first time. Help!
Dear Lindsay,
Girl, before I get around to actually dis-pen-sing this advice to you, first I wanna say two things:
(1) Make sure you really want to lose it to this guy before you do it. Tuffy ain’t no abstinence advisor–I believe that having sex is a VERY healthy and important part of having an adult relationship–but if this was an important thing to you, make sure you’re not just caving into pressure. That said, if you do decide to go through with it, good for you! Sex is fanf*ckingtastic! BUT
(2) Be safe! Always use a condom. You got that, honey? Every. Single. Time. And you might want to look into the pill, too (in ADDITION to the condom), but that’s between you and your ob/gyn.
Now onto the actual advice:
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Amazing Sex, Third Edition by Sari Locker
Chock full o’ all sorts of information. Great for a virgin looking to try something new, but also excellent for the rest of us who sometimes just need a little brush up. Not that Tuffy ever needs to brush up. But if she did, this would be great.

The Orgasm Bible: The Latest Research and Techniques for Reaching More Powerful Climaxes More Often by Susan Crain Bakos

Lots of illustrations, plus it’s geared toward you (as opposed to Cosmo’s approach of “how to please your man”–blegh).

Sex and the Perfect Lover: Tao, Tantra, and the Kama Sutra
by Mabel Iam
A more spiritual approach to sex and love. Also a very hot read.
But, honey, more important than reading books about sex is bonding with your guy and finding out what turns the two of you on together. Touch, talk, feel, and you will have great sex.
May the sex be with you.
Hearts & Skulls,
Tuffy Luv

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Shoplifting is Not The Answer!
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