(Really) Last Minute Gift Ideas

You always were one to wait for the last minute. Like that paper that was still warm from the printer as you turned it in to your professor. Or that time you forgot underwear for Spring Break because you packed that morning. (Good thing people don’t wear much underwear on Spring Break….)
And now it’s the same story with those dreaded Christmas presents for mom, dad and brother Jimmy. Christmas dinner is, like, 5 minutes away and you have nothing to bring (except that bottle of Jack you snuck into your purse). It’s way to late to run to the mall and get something, and even the neighborhood CVS is empty of all those crappy gifts you wondered why they had in the first place.
What the hell are you going to do? We came up with some fabulous last-minute gift ideas that are sure to please…and could never be re-gifted.
1. Coupon Book: Grab some paper and markers and start writing. Your parents loved these things when you were a kid, and there is no way mom wouldn’t appreciate some help with the laundry now. Offer her one week of free laundry, a few days of taking out the garbage, some trips to the grocery store, and maybe even a month of not calling and asking for more money.
2. Mix CD: You obvi brought your laptop home (there is no way you are sharing the family computer for a whole freaking month), so hop on there and make some CDs for everyone. Does dad love classic rock? Pull together his favorite jams onto a CD. He will love it (especially since most dads can’t figure out how to do that stuff on their own).
3. Report Card: (Note: this gift assumes you did well this semester.) Did you get your grades back yet? Print that baby out, fashion some sort of frame and give that to the parents. There is no better gift than seeing how successful their daughter is…and knowing their money isn’t being totally wasted on getting wasted.
4. If all else fails, give them a hug…and head out to the stores on Friday to find something better.

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