CollegeCandy’s Year in Review

Whew! What a year, right? We saw it all: Britney’s bald head, governors getting it on with prostitutes, a new Facebook, the collapse of Wall Street, the rise and fall of Sarah Palin, a horrifying plane crash that killed some and spared others, the election of our first black president (!!), lots of young mommies, and a whole lot more that I drank too much to remember.
Things were busy over here, too. We discovered the guys not worth holding onto, and the perfect vibrator that is. We began to understand why crazy sex positions are totally worth it, and why sex on the beach is a must-do for 2009.
We found a totally hot new band that will change the way you think about music, learned the 14 truths about men, and laughed with the funniest ladies out there.
We found out that guys get Brazilians (?), argued the merit of leggings, and filled our entire closet with new clothes….for free!
We took our first trip to the gyno, learned a ton of new euphemisms for sex, and sought out some not-so-obvious places to meet a man. We looked back at our favorite things from middle school.
We hated/loved Facebook.
And we dipped our toes in the Cougar pool.
2008 was a good year. Here’s hoping 2009 can be as much fun (both in the bedroom and out of it).

(Really) Last Minute Gift Ideas
(Really) Last Minute Gift Ideas
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