So, What Did You Get?


The holidays aren’t supposed to be about presents. They are about family, friends, charity and appreciating everything that we have.

Yeah, yeah.

We get that, but we still l-o-v-e the gifts! We love giving em and getting em (and then going to the store and getting all the deals on the gifts those other people returned).

This year CollegeCandy got new iPod speakers (woohoo!), a giftcard to Ikea (yayyy), and a 30 rack of Miller Light (yeah, our brothers aren’t too creative). Oh, and someone got us a Spin Spa… are they trying to tell us something? I mean, we shower daily almost daily. And we use a vanilla soap! Do we smell? Is it that obvious? Couldn’t someone have just told us!?

Anyways, moving on. We want to know what you got this year. Better yet, tell us: what is the best gift you have ever gotten? What about the worst?

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