G.W.W.E.: Brody “Bone Me” Jenner

(We’re back with another weekly installment of G.W.W.E. [Guys We Wanna Eff]. What better way to close the books on 2008 than with a man who’s coming out on top…with a new show, that is. Here’s to hoping Brody Jenner will be coming out on top of us someday soon! )

Shameful, I know, but I can’t help but salivate (and have naughty dreams) when Brody Jenner is around. Just a quick glance at his pedigree should have any hot-blooded female’s heart racing: he’s the son of Olympic decathalon champion Bruce and stepbrother of smokin’ Hollywood siblings, the Kardashians. Which means there’s no mystery where that rock-hard bod comes from… and you know he can keep his cool in the company of ladies. The dude has, like, 12 step-sisters.

Our film-fanatic friends might say, “two thumbs up!” But as yours truly says, “Eff me!”

While his dad and stepsisters strut their stuff with their own reality television show, Brody has achieved reality stardom in his own right. He made his first reality whoring appearance on the Princes of Malibu. (Yes, that show actually existed. Yes, I actually watched it. Yes, he looked effable.)

Then, obviously, he made his way to The Hills, where he dated Queen Bee LC for a spell. I can’t say I was dismayed when that ended. (Note to Ms. Conrad: You’re much more fun to watch when you’re just wearing hot clothes and sunbathing all the time. Once you start dating guys I wanna eff, I turn off my TV in disgust. Capisce?)

Now, Brody has set his relationship priorities on a different track. His new show, Bromance, will chronicle the chummy and hilarious dynamics of male-male friendships as Brody attempts to find a new best bro. Let me get this straight: Brody and nine other hunks duking it out (hopefully shirtless) for an hour each week? I don’t care if they’re fighting over who has to clean the kitty litter–my TiVo has already programmed the entire first season. It’s about time MTV has scored some eye candy for the ladies that isn’t just designer fashion on parade.

It won’t be long after Bromance premieres that Brody will tire of hangin’ with the fellas. And he will once again crave a woman’s touch. And he will be more than welcome to call me eff me, whenever he wants.

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