The CC Weekly Weigh In: What We Learned in ‘08

2009 is just around the corner, so we decided to take a little look back at 2008. A lot has happened in the world, in the country and in our drama-filled, busy lives. We got so caught up in the working, the studying, the boys, the friends, the football games, the car sing alongs, the movies, the celebrity gossip, etc., that we forgot to stop and see just how far we’ve come in the past 12 months.
And, baby, we’ve come a long way.
We’ve all learned a thing or two in 2008, and we figured we’d share our biggest lessons with you. Who knows? Maybe these life lessons will help you get a jumpstart on a fabulous and splendid 2009.
Erica – Kent State: You know that book “He’s Just Not That Into You”? Well, it’s TRUTH. Oh, and a big bowl full of cottage cheese after a night of drinking is amazing and doesn’t make me feel guilty the next morning. Seriously.
S.E. – Fordham: The biggest lesson I learned in 2008 is that freshman boys are the easiest targets
for free drinks. I plan to abuse this knowledge until I’m a senior.
Lauren – University of Michigan: I learned that I’m more beautiful and desirable than I ever thought.
Sara C- Fordham: Not to spread myself too thin! I used to have so much on my plate, and I was always stressed. So I recommitted myself to the three things I love the most: running, writing, and reading. It’s made such a difference!
Kari – FSU: Don’t apply self-tanner while you’re drunk.
John – UConn: The most important thing I’ve learned this year is that, because I will always underperform my expectations, I should expect great things of myself.
Sarabeth – University of Texas: BJ’s aren’t as bad as I thought they’d be.
Rory – University of Oregon: Boys are a massive waste of time. (I’ve learned this lesson year after year, but it never seems to stick…)
Leah – Ryerson University: Trust your gut instinct no matter what other people say.
Suzanne – Tulane: That Americans aren’t as dumb as we thought they were and finally elected an intelligent leader.
Megan – Brown University: You shouldn’t let boys push you into doing things. For example, tequila and Tabasco sauce are not a good mixed shot no matter what they say.
Elizabeth – UC Berkeley: Never bring anything valuable to a party or club – that may be the last time you ever see it.
Noa – CU Boulder: That “just one hit,” or “just one slice,” or “just one drink,” never happens.
Coco: Take your heels off when you can’t walk straight anymore. This will prevent a majority of UDI’s (unidentified drunk injuries)!

What did you learn in 2008?

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