How You Do: Celebrating an Alcohol-Free New Year’s Eve

Q: What is New Year’s without getting hammered and downing a glass of champagne at midnight?
A: Awesome.
Yes, yes, I realize alcohol will be involved at most of your New Year’s Eve celebrations, and that’s cool with me, but it’s just not my scene. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to party, though! How do I enjoy myself without the booze, you might ask? With these tips, of course.
1. Be with other alcohol-free people.
Let’s face it—if your friends are a bunch of boozers, they’re probably going to want to hit the drink on New Year’s Eve, and you’re probably not going to have much fun without them. You could always stay sober while they knock them away, but I think it’s far easier and more fun to spend the night with a group of people who are more interested in enjoying each other’s company than getting totally smashed. If the people you’re with aren’t drinking, you probably won’t wish you were.
2. Do something really, really fun.
When was the last time you went bowling at a 24-hour lane or played billiards at a pool hall? Have you been to a theme park recently? What about indoor mini-golf? Plan an amazing night with your friends that is packed with so many fun activities that you won’t have the time (or the desire) to hit up the bars. Honestly, you’ll be having such a great time that you won’t even miss the alcohol.
3. Have a theme.
A theme can tie any party together and ensure that it won’t be boring. You could throw a Halloween-style bash and encourage everyone to come in costume, make a monster cake to celebrate the new year, and serve black currant Kristian Regále sparkling beverage as “blood.” Make up your own fun theme – maybe you want to put together a cupcake party or a British-type of gathering where everyone scarfs crumpets and drinks tea while holding pinky fingers out. Whatever it is, themes are awesome. And funny. And don’t require alcohol.

4. Go a little crazy.

Try doing something you’d never normally do, like taking a road trip to NYC to see My Morning Jacket at Madison Square Garden or busting into your old high school with friends to spend some time roaming the halls and reminiscing.
If you have any other sweet ideas for tossing the booze and doing something else great instead, speak up!
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