The City Premieres Tonight!

So there will be no Spencer and Heidi, no Brody, and no Justin Bobby. There is also a very real chance that the whole thing is fake. But that doesn’t mean The City isn’t going to be pretty bombtastic.It’s got Whitney Port!
Ok, so that’s not such a selling point; the girl is pretty blah when you take away her flawless skin, her perfect hair and that I-want-it-right-now wardrobe. But there will be drama! And a hot guy (with an Australian accent!), and lots of fabulous DVF fashion!
And maybe not having Speidi and Justin Bobby’s overalls will be a nice change of pace for all of us Hills fans. Or, at the very least, maybe they’ll make a cross country trip to visit Whitney in her new world.
Get excited, people. Now that The Hills season finale has wrapped (weep), The City is here to fill a very large void in our hearts, lives and Monday nights. And in case you haven’t heard, that shiz goes down tonight. TONIGHT!!
Since my life used to revolve around LC and her pals and those bitches have left me for the year, I will be recapping The City on a weekly basis. So, come back after the show to see what I had to say about Whitney Port’s new life.
Here’s hoping there are equally as annoying people in NYC as there are in L.A.

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