The City: Whitney Shoulda Stayed in L.A.

Well, it ain’t The Hills, that’s for sure. Tonight was the season premier of The City (plus a second episode, which I almost missed when I had to run and take care of all that Diet Coke I was drinking), and I have to say – I was less than enthused. Maybe I hyped it up too much in my head, or maybe it’s because Bromance shattered my expectations (the “can-fessional”? Amazing.), but I was just not really feeling The City.
First of all, Jay is the East Coast version of Justin Bobby. He’s got the hats, the hair and the douchey lies that his lady just can’t seem to resist. But he’s also got a killer accent and I would probably fall for all that sh*t too. I just feel like his little “story-line” is going to be quite similar to the Audrina/JB saga and I am so over that. That sh*t should have stayed in L.A.
I also wasn’t really feeling Whitney’s friend, Erin. Ok, the girl is totally cute and has a sick apartment, but 1) how does Whit know her, and 2) her acting skills are so bad it’s making it really hard for me to ignore all other signs that this show is a total sham (like Alex showing up at the same bar as Whit and crew – that doesn’t happen in NY) and pretend this is real. Come on, girlfriend. Tone down the fake surprise a bit; you’re killing me.
And then there’s Olivia, the bitchy girl who comes from money. Day one at the office and she pretends not to know who Whitney is, then immediately starts talking about herself and never stops. No one cares about your deb ball, honey. Take your signed Manolos and get the hell out of Bergdorfs. (Oh and PS. I took great joy from the fact Erin showed up to the dinner party and messed up your little place cards.) And why is she so obsessed with Jay?
Predictions: they have or will get it on. Mark my words.
The only remotely exciting thing to happen during these 2 full episodes was the little tiff that went down at Tenjune. Alex wanted to talk to Whitney, Jay got all macho, words (mostly consisting of f**k, s**t, and dude) were exchanged, muscles were flexed, and in the end Alex and his ugly hat went home and Jay stayed with his lady. Too bad he’s a shadeball and something’s about to go down. Always trust the model with the funny hat.
So now we wait and see what happens next in Whitney’s ridiculous life (where she needs to not think about work after .5 days of doing it). I can’t say I’m excited to see what happens next…but I also can’t say that I won’t be watching.

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