Bristol and Levi Pimp Their New Baby

So, the other infamous teen mother of 2008 – AKA not Jamie Lynn Spears – finally gave birth to a little Alaskan: Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston. What a mouthfull (that’s what she said). You know what that means! No, the baby did not get his first pair of hunting boots (that we know 0f).
It means that it’s time to sell those baby pics to the highest bidder!
Looks like People magazine won the bidding war, offering the Palin-Johnston clan $300,000. That’s a lot of money, especially in Alaska where the only things you can buy are drugs, tanning beds and weapons. Maybe they’ll use the money to buy a helicopter for some wolf hunting. Or maybe they’ll use it to bail Mama Johnston out of jail?
All I know is Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson must be feeling pretty crappy right about now. They got a big fat ZERO for pics of Bronx Mowgli.

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