The Top Pop Culture Moments of 2008

To say 2008 was uneventful would be like saying Heidi and and Spencer’s wedding was actually spontaneous (i.e. a total lie for those of you needing more explanation).

So much happened I don’t even know where to start. Heads were shaved, breakdowns were had, there were babies- lots and lots and lots of babies. There were weight gains and anorexics, awesome music collaborations, lesbians coming out of the closet, my new best friend got millions of hits on you tube, Project Runway left Bravo for good. We lived without TV for far. too. long. Kanye declared himself the next Elvis (uhh okay), and Jessica Simpson’s career – well actually strike that – 2008 wasn’t really that exciting of a year for Jessica Simpsons career.

Anyway, the point is a lot happened in the world de pop culture over the past year so let’s take a look at some of our favorites. Feel free to chime in at the bottom and let us know if any of your favorite 2008 moments were left off the list.

10. Lindsay Lohan switched teams. Despite a floundering career, LiLo managed to stay afloat in the year’s headlines – and not because of her legging line (surprising, I know), but because of her romance with pal/girlfriend Samantha Ronson. I’m still not even sure if she has fully admitted to her relationship, but I can tell you this: I am happy for her and hope she embraces it so that the magazines can finally move on to something a lot more interesting,

9. Michael Phelps breaks a record. As the most unfunny season opener on SNL. Ever. I mean, seriously, the dude can swim – that we know by his crazy world records broken this year in Beijing – but has Loren Michael’s even heard the kid speak? He puts the M in Monotone. I still lie in bed at night trying to find the logic in that move.

8. Tina Fey became the official face of Funny Women Around the Globe. 30 Rock is kicking ass, Fey is all over the place, and even Sarah Palin doesn’t do Sarah Palin as well as our pal Tina.

7. “I die” became a part of every college girl’s vernacular. Thank you, Rachel Zoe. The Fur, the 12 Venti Teas every day – Rachel Zoe sure knew how to “Shut it Down” in 2008 and, frankly, I can’t wait for another season. Thank you Bravo for providing so many amazingly addicting shows giving us all another big year of procrastination.

6. Oh My God They’re Back Again. No not the Backstreet Boys (although they’re still here too!) but bubblegum pop made a mega comeback this year, making me want to say a big fat “I told you so” to every music critic from the late 90s. From the Jo Bros to Miley to Taylor and Selena Gomez, there is no shortage of shrieking 13-year-old girls staring at the posters they ripped out of Tiger Beat magazine like we did with BSB, NSync and New Kids On the Block (who, along with the Spice Girls, let us not forget, made an attempted comeback this year) so many years ago.

5. Facebook got a makeover. Some say for the better, others for the worse. 2008 brought us the choice “is” in the Facebook status, the 9 billion games and of course, the sheer terror of seeing that email proclaiming that your mother, aunt and grandma’s best friend Rose added you as a friend on Facebook. Joy.

Jill IS taking down all of her bar crawl and keg stand pictures as we speak…

4. Teenage pregnancy became acceptable. Cool, in fact! Jamie Lynn, Bristol Palin, and Juno made pregnancy look more fun than getting your makeup done for Prom, even inspiring an entire group of friends at a Boston High School to make a pact with one another to get knocked up. Take that, college applications. And Hollywood was in no shortage of breast milk either – everyone from Jessica Alba to Ashlee Simpson to Gwen Stefani to Jodi Sweetin had babies, adorned the front page of a magazine, and drooped mad pounds in like 4.3 hours.

3. Heath Ledger and Tim Russert both tragically passed away. Nothing snarky to say here. Both men incredibly talented and passionate in their work and in their lives and both will be missed by all.

2. Barack Obama was elected into office. The world stopped hating us (at least for a minute), Elizabeth Hasselback may or may not have spit up all over her cute Marc Jacobs ensemble, and history was made. Whether you’re a democrat, republican, independent , or foreigner, there is no denying the importance and excitement of November 4th 2008. Now on to Prop 8 – let’s hope 2009 is a better year.

1. Britney Spears provides escapism for the masses. Sure you lost your job and the market has gone down, down, down, but if Brit has taught us anything it’s that things can turn around… fast. One day you’re shaving your head, sporting pink wigs, going batsh*it insane with an umbrella and spending some time in the hospital, and the next you are planning your world tour. Britney showed us that the only way from down is up, as the media flipped a switch over her killer body, kick ass catchy album, tear jerker documentary and an Ellen parody to boot.

Bristol and Levi Pimp Their New Baby
Bristol and Levi Pimp Their New Baby
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