A Look Back at Fashion in ‘08.

2008 was an interesting year for fashion. Gone (thankfully) were the maternity tops of 2007, replaced by blasts from the past inspirations from the 20s through the days of our best pals on Beverly Hills 90210. We saw everything from the mom-jean to the 90s flannel button down. Some of it was fab, and some of it… not so much. So, let’s take a look at this year’s fashion highs and fashion oh-hell-no’s.
Because without the crap we can’t appreciate the couture.
Here are my top 5 fashion must-haves from 2008:
The High Waist
Sure we spent years trying to get people to stop wearing them only to bring them right back in, but let’s face it: we should be thankful that we don’t have to look at butt cracks and muffin tops a day longer. These pants look good on just about everyone… as long as they aren’t acid washed…or paired with a denim jacket.

The Vintage Scarf
There is something about Hollywood starting trends of cold-weather wear in warm weather regions that seems to catch on like hot fire. First we saw Uggs popularity soar back in 2003 with stars in shorts and boots trudging around LA. This year it was the scarf that made its way to the West Coast. Everywhere you turned, there was Jessica Alba in another fabulously printed scarf. These colorful scarves spruced up wardrobes, covered hickies (for those of you who still get them), and made any drab outfit instantly chic.

The Plaid or Gingham T
I was admittedly resistant to this trend at first. After all, my brothers wore these with hiking boots and Cavariccis to high school back in 1996. I didn’t like them then and I didn’t think I would like them now. Until designers – from the Couture to Forever 21 – made them tailored and colorful and so. freakin. cute, especially when tucked into a pair of those mom jeans I’ve come to love so much.

The Belt
Whereas 2007 was all about hiding that belly under too-big tops, 2008 brought us the cinched waist. Thank you, fashion peeps of the world! Now everything – jackets, dresses, tops – come paired with a belt for an instantly chic and flattering look. The best part: you can take all those maternity shirts from last year and glam ‘em up instantly with this year’s hottest accessory. And if by chance you get knocked up? Just remove that belt and, Viola!

Bright Colors
The little black dress was obsolete this year with the addition of bright colors and jewel tones. Seriously, everywhere you walked looked like a gay pride parade! You name your favorite Crayola crayon color and I will find you a shirt, dress and pair of skinny jeans in that hue.

The Oh-Hell-No Looks of 2008:
One-Piece Jumpers
I don’t care if Rhianna rocked them; they look good on no one. Unless, of course, you are a fan of the camel toe.

Leather Leggings
Leggings as pants can be tricky when not worn in a flattering way. Add the fact that they are leather and you have yourself a recipe for disaster. Leather leggings make women look like they are walking on lumpy sausages. Does that sound even remotely sexy to you? I didn’t think so. These bad boys are never flattering. Not ever. Not even for a second.

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