How Are You Ringing in the New Year?

Not gonna lie: 2008 was a great year for me. Probably one of my best. I got good grades, I learned a lot about myself, I stayed up late and danced to Immaculate Collection with my friends, I met nice boys and even saved a little money!
I really am sad to see it go. That’s why while my friends are celebrating the coming of 2009 with unlimited alcohol and tons of Jaeger bombs, I too will be drinking heavily…only I will be doing it to drink away my sorrows at the passing of the best year of my life.
Yeah, I’m slightly excited for 2009 to get here (and for all-you-can-drink), but 2008 is a tough act to follow and I’m not sure it can be topped.
Regardless of how you felt about 2008, it is about to be gone forever. Tonight people around the world will be saying TTYN to ’08. Some will be drinking (heavily), some will be laying low and the rest will probably be smoking pot and watching Superbad with a Costco box of Cheez Its by their side.
Which one are you gonna be? What are your super awesome plans for New Years Eve 2009?

CollegeCandy’s 2008 Favorites Pre-Game Playlist
CollegeCandy’s 2008 Favorites Pre-Game Playlist
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