Why I Heart New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is almost here and I can’t wait! Not because I want to get started on those resolutions (drinking responsibly, organizing my life, hitting the gym 3 times a week…blech), but because it’s hands down one of my favorite holidays. This is the one holiday when you can get totally tanked, and it’s totally cool! I mean, think about it: sure we sneak booze at Thanksgiving and Christmas, but for this one we can do it out in the open!
And who doesn’t love getting all dolled up party clothes and going out for a fabulous evening on the town? I love getting together with my girlfriends to celebrate all the fun times we’ve had in the past year, while forgetting all the sh*t times and vowing to start fresh (which doesn’t always happen, but whatever, we try!).
There’s something about starting a new year that gives me goosepimples. You are balancing between the old and the exciting, unknown and totally awesome new; it is exhilerating. Thinking about all the things that happened in the past year (like finally breaking up with that d-bag boyfriend) and looking forward to things that will happen next year (like, “Holy crap I’m graduating college! Now what?”).
Not to mention, I’ve always thought that getting a midnight kiss from your special someone is one of the most romantic things EVER! Or just making out with a random might be fun too. How can anyone not love this night?

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