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Weekly Wrap Up: Goodbye, 2008!


tired_baby-whew.jpgHappy New Year, everyone! Whether you love New Year’s Eve or you totally hate it, the coming of a new year is exciting! New beginnings, clean slate, yada yada yada…

The last week of 2008 was quite busy for us. We ended the year with a bang (literally), before we rang in 2009 in style.

Just like the last week of any year, we spent the past 7 days reflecting on 2008. The best fashion, the biggest things that happened, and all the things that we learned. We also started looking forward to 2009: we made resolutions (that we will most likely break in 2 weeks), and considered other options that we just know aren’t going to happen.

Maybe we should have just set some more…er… realistic goals for the year.

Like cozying up on the couch with some warm cocktails and episodes of Bromance and The City on the DVR. Or, of course, a little CC TV.