All Made Up: Hangover Recovery

Anyone else still hung over from New Years? (Try a little yoga!) If you’re lucky, you’re probably still cuddled up on the couch with leftover pizza. But if you are in the unfortunate bunch that has to pull yourself out of bed and function in the land of the living, here are the beauty steps you need to look a little less “morning after all-you-can-drink,” and a little more “I’m lookin’ damn good in 2009.”

Ole Henriksen Blue Blackberry Enzyme Mask – $32

So your whole body is dehydrated (hence that pounding headache) but while you are rehydrating with vitamin water don’t forget to replenish your skin too! This mask has loads of antioxidants from blueberries and blackberries. Bonus feature – this mask is gentle enough to use under the eyes, where you need it most!

Clinique All About Eyes – $28.50

New year’s was a blast but now your eyes look like you are a reject from the Thriller video. Clinque helps you out with this fantastic eye gel. Not only does it depuff but also gets circulation going which means it brings a little light to those dark circles.

Alison Raffaele Consealer – $23

Masks and eye creams can’t work 100% at getting rid of your dark puffy circles. You’ll still need a heavy duty undereye concealer to look presentable. The tough part is finding something heavy duty that doesn’t look like spackle. Alison Raffaele’s True concealer is just such a magical product. It goes on smooth, hides the dark puffy stuff but still looks natural. You can cover the bags without looking like you raided Liza Minnelli’s makeup drawer!

C.O. Bigalow Menthe Lip Shine – Bath and Body Works $7.50

Now that your skin is glowing again and your eyes are bright, throw on a lip gloss that also covers up your rank breath. Super cheap, super shiny and minty to boot. Any leftover nastiness on your breath is covered up by this delightful minty gloss. Now you are fully prepared to get out the door and look great, even if you still feel crappy.

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