The Body Blog: Eat Right in ‘09

You’ve been meaning to eat healthy for awhile now, but between the parties and the holidays and the study snacks during finals, it just hasn’t happened. And now your pants don’t fit and you feel like hell. You may not be one for resolutions, but January is a good excuse to reevaluate your eating habits and make necessary changes.

Need a little motivation? Well, if you improve the way you eat, you can cut calories, shed pounds, and create a whole new relationship with food for 2009 and beyond. Here is a great place to start:

Make Little Changes: Instead of having your normal omelette every morning, switch to egg whites; they are the most nutritious and healthy parts of eggs. Individuals do not realize that an entire whole egg contains 210 milligrams of Cholesterol, 7 grams of fat, and 90 calories. Egg whites have only 17 calories and ZERO milligrams of Cholesterol. See the difference? Other healthy swaps include wheat bread instead of white, lower calorie dressings instead of the full fat ones, and less or no cheese on sandwiches and salads.

Drink the Right Liquids: Switching to water or seltzer versus regular Coke can elimiate calories and sugar intake, which ultimately turns to fat – something we’re all trying to avoid!

Snacking: If you’re going to snack, make conscious choices and do it in a healthy way. Opt for handfuls of almonds or sliced vegetables versus chips and French fries, which are full of fats and lacking in the nutrition department. Fruits, vegetables and proteins (peanut butter, beans) will fill you up longer and keep you healthier.

Limit Sweets: We all love chocolate cake, but all chocolate cake loves to do is add cellulite and extra pounds to your thighs. If you want something sweet, have a cup of frozen yogurt or Italian ice; it’s lower in calories and will satisfy that sweet tooth.

Eat Your Vegetables! I may sound like your mother, but it’s true. Vegetables are the backbone of a healthy diet.

– Get it Frozen: Fresh produce is pricey, but that is no excuse to avoid it. Frozen fruits are great to pop into a bowl of cereal and frozen vegetables are fantastic to steam for a healthy side dish (or snack!) for every meal.

Eat Your (Good) Carbs: Carbohydrates fuel our body, but the fine line between the good and bad carbs is a bit fuzzy. Don’t avoid carbs, just choose the right carbs to give you all the health benefits instead of the added weight around your midsection.

If you stick with these healthy eating habits, you’ll look better, feel better and live better. Happy 2009!

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