The City: I Over-The-Top Lust You

Who knew that it was so easy to get and furnish a ridiculous apartment in NY? 30th floor? Brand new? Single girl living alone? Yeah, that sh*t doesn’t happen in NYC, where the rent for a studio is $2,000 a month (and you can touch all four walls at the same time). But Whitney did! And she had it all furnished and moved into in like .2 seconds!

Who said living in NY was hard?

You don’t even have to work the whole day if you don’t want to, and you can take calls from your boyfriend (well, not really, but we’ll get to that later) while you’re on the job!

Speaking of jobs, isn’t Whitney supposed to be doing PR for DVF? I know I am still in school, but I thought PR was all about getting the company into the media (read: onto a not-so-reality show on MTV), not tying models’ shoes and taking pictures for a website.

But, whatever. Whitney’s job is clearly not important to her, so why should I care? She’s more focused on her man friend, who just wants to get to know her better and that’s all that matters. I can’t imagine why she is so confused about him; he’s so straightforward. He doesn’t like labels (read: he’s just not that into you), he doesn’t want her to be his #1 priority (read: he’s just not that into you), and he really likes his life the way it is (read: he just wants his band to get some recognition on MTV).

You are in NYC, Whitney – there are plenty of other guys out there who can take you to uber expensive bars and restaurants. They may not have the accent, but they may actually treat you well!

Even Olivia thinks this guy is bad news and she obviously knows. I mean, the girl asks about him every 5 seconds. “Hows Jay,” “How are things going with Jay,” “What’s up with you and Jay?” She knows everything about him and she thinks he’s bad news. She told Whitney not to rely on him for everything because she doesn’t want her to get hurt, but more likely because she wants to have a personal dinner party with him, if you know what I’m sayin’.

Whitney has been in New York for less than a week and is already getting frustrated with her guy situation. I have been in Ann Arbor for 4 years and still can’t find someone. Give it some time, girlfriend! It’s all she can talk about (and always seems to bring the conversation back to it) and I’m starting to hate MTV for taking all their great supporting cast members from one show and turning them into super annoying and whiney main characters on the new show. It happened with Lauren and now it’s happening with Whit.

Let’s just hope they don’t do it with Nevan, my MVP on tonight’s episode. He’s a rich and prissy kid who got fined for spitting on the subway platform? “Whatever, it happens.”

Love him. Any chance he’s single?

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