An Open Letter to Grey’s Anatomy

greys.jpgDear Grey’s Anatomy,

This is the hardest letter I’ve ever had to write. We’ve had some wonderful times, you and I—all those steamy scenes in the elevator at Seattle Grace come to mind. However (and I say this with a heavy heart), it is past time to part ways. I simply cannot devote an entire hour out of my week to you anymore. At one time, I happily planned my Thursday evening around seeing you, but now? I hardly recognize you. You have changed in the last two years, and while I first stayed out of loyalty, that is no longer reason enough.

It’s not me, it’s you. I mean that in the nicest way possible…you’re really not my type anymore. I’m sure there are some who would find Izzie and Denny having passionate ghost-sex thrilling, but it’s just not for me. In the words of McDreamy, there should be more kissing. And between actual, live humans.

There used to be excitement. Addison Shepherd’s arrival at the hospital had me reeling. I nearly fell off the couch when Meredith put her hand in the body cavity with the bomb. Izzie’s romance with her heart patient (while he was still living, anyway) made me long for my very own Denny. When he died I cried in a manner unseen since Titanic. You used to incite a windstorm of emotions. I never knew what I was feeling. Did I want MerDer to work? Was Burke the right man for Cristina? And what about Finn?

Then, the third year of our relationship began. The McNaming went out of control. Meredith drowned and saw dead people (although at least she wasn’t having sex with them). She and McDreamy couldn’t make it work despite the fact that they were actually working before Addison showed up. Somehow a lot of issues showed up in the year she was separated from Yummy McButterpants. And George and Callie getting married? Burke leaving Cristina at the altar? The hits just kept coming. I thought the final straw might have been Izzie and George having sex, but I kept watching, hoping for redemption. And for the image of those two smooching to be replaced by something else. Anything else.

Really, Grey’s? Really? You were once known for being an upstart, an amazing show that came out of nowhere and shocked us with witty dialogue and the drama of a surgical unit. There were train derailments and car accidents. Events that while unlikely, were believable and relatable. And now, we have the interns performing an illegal appendectomy and Cristina being impaled by an icicle. Again. Really??

At the beginning of this year together, I had hope. The chief gave me hope. And then you cruelly crushed that hope. What happened to taking initiative? No more laurel-resting? It was supposed to stop and it most certainly hasn’t. Meredith is just downright whiney now, Izzie is a mess, Karev is no longer the loveable bad boy. Quite frankly, the only redeeming storyline is the meeting of Little Sloane and Little Grey. But it’s not enough.

So with a heavy heart, I write to you and say it is time to separate. I will have my Thursday nights free and you will have your ghost-sex and whiney lead.

With regrets,


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