Makeup 101: Keep Your Makeup Going Strong All Night Long

butterflyblackbeautymodify.jpgNobody wants their makeup to wear off early, especially on a Thirsty Thursday like tonight. Unfortunately, that’s what often happens when you pile on the party makeup and the results are, well, messy. Droopy lashes, smeared liner and lip-gloss on your chin are definitely not good accessories for your party look.

Lucky for you, I’m going to share a few tricks to keep your makeup on your face so you can dance to Brit without lookin’ like (old) Brit.

First, make sure your face is completely clean, a good exfoliating scrub like this one from Clinique will get rid of dead skin that could ruin your look. Moisturizing your skin thoroughly with an unscented lotion will help makeup stick to your skin. Perfume also absorbs well when skin is damp and moisturized, so apply your scent now. Powder foundation on your face will also stick great when skin is moisturized so swipe that on now and dab some concealer under your eyes.

To keep your lashes big and beautiful throughout the night start with an eyelash curler. Just like with hair, heat helps maintain your lashes, so heat up your curler with a hair dryer on low for a few seconds. Then curl your lashes starting at the base and pressing down three times working your way up to the tips of your lashes. Once your lashes are curled with heat apply a few coats of mascara that won’t clump. Try Bad Gal Mascara from Benefit. This lash brush is huge and doesn’t leave your lashes sticky or hard.

To keep eyeliner where it’s meant to be, try Bare Escentual’s Weather Anything liner sealer. Mix a few brush scoops of loose powder with two drops of this liner sealer and use a thin brush to swipe it on your lower and upper lash line. This sealer really does withstand everything from rain to snow or tears (although hopefully your night won’t come to that).

Keeping eye shadow in place is as easy as simple layering. Apply a little bit of cream shadow to your lids first, this Revlon kit is cheap and includes four colorful creams of your choice. Then when you apply packed or loose powder eye shadow over the cream it will stick to the lids better. Another great tool is eye shadow primer like this one from Urban Decay. Just swipe it on your lids for extra staying power.

To maintain a healthy blush glow all night try using a cream blush stick like this one from Nars. Then go over the blush with translucent powder which will help set the look. This Bare Essentual’s mineral veil is a great product and can be put over your whole face to set your look.

Lastly, to keep lips looking perfect, moisturize first with a great balm like Burt’s Bees. Then dab some powder on your lips, like the mineral veil mentioned above. Lipstick and gloss will adhere great to the powder and help your look stay maintained.

Keep these Sephora blotting papers in your clutch for some added help keeping your face shine-free and your makeup colored in the lines!

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