Bye Bye Bush

As inauguration day approaches, President Bush is preparing to leave the White House, his home of far too long 8 years.

Earlier this morning, Mr. President held his final press conference as our Commander- In- Chief and I’m sure he has been reminiscing his time of service to our great country.

I wonder, though, what W.’s most memorable, thrilling moment was during his 8-year-reign of terror .

Could it be learning that our nation was under attack when the towers were hit on 9\11? No.

Maybe it was the rush of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina? Wrong.

Could it be that journalist chucking a shoe at him during a press conference? Uh uh.

Our President says that during his time in office he has never felt more anxious than he did when he…wait for it…threw the opening pitch at the 2001 World Series. At least this was his response when People Magazine asked him.

Now I know that Mr. President has be scrutinized almost from the moment he stepped into office – and I won’t lie, I’ve been one to cast a stone or two – but I always felt that the President of the mighty United States absolutely deserves some amount of respect. I mean, the man is running a country. He did the best he could in a sh*tty situation…I guess.

But, come on. Of everything our country has been through during the past 8 years – the war, the natural disasters, the economy, etc. – this man’s most memorable part was pitching a freakin ball? I’m not saying the man should have said “Starting the war was my most favorite part of being president!” but I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, his favorite part would something a little more meaningful. Then again, did he do anything meaningful?

Point to ponder.

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