Oh The People You’ll Meet: The Overachiever

Everybody makes friends in college. Sometimes it’s through a group, sometimes it’s by a chance encounter, sometimes it’s just because you were too hungover for class last Monday and you need the notes to catch up. When you’re scanning the lecture hall for help, there is one person you need to be aware of.

That would be the completely anal, extremely irritating, absolutely crazy Overachiever.

This one is easy to recognize. Watch for it on the first day of class. They’re right there, in the front row (no matter what kind of class it is). They might wear glasses. Though they’ll be dressed neatly (no pjs for them!), it probably won’t be stylish; look for business attire, like suit jackets and pencil skirts. Unlike the rest of the class fighting to stay awake, they will sit up straight.

Their desk will have an open, blank notebook on it, ready to go. There may also be a tape recorder, a neat row of pencils, pens, and highlighters, and a planner opened to the current date. They’re totally prepared….for a shortage of school supplies. If their desk doesn’t have these implements, there’s a laptop already open to some note taking program with a title and date at the top. The textbook will be on their desk, even if the rest of the class doesn’t even know what it looks like yet.

Once class begins they will highlight important dates on the class syllabus. They will write everything down. They will ask questions about everything pertaining to the class. Five page research paper? They will ask if it’s okay to go over. Need four sources? They want to know if eight is too many. This is the kid who did the extra credit in high school for “the learning thrill,” not because he needed it.

If you ever have to ask this kid for class help, he will look at you disapprovingly and make a remark about how class attendance is so important. He won’t miss a class, period. He aces every test and ruins the curve for the rest of you. He has his assignments in early, and they’re way better than yours. He was probably stuffed into lockers in middle school.

If there’s no one else to get notes from, it’s almost worth being out of the loop to avoid having to deal with this guy. Even if his notes are neatly written. And probably in sheet protectors. Just be good and try not to be too hung over for class time. Or, if the call of the Amberbock is too strong for you, make friends with the other kids. You know, the regular good students.

Do you know this kid?

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