Style Idol: Charlize Theron is No Fashion Monster

[Celebrities get paid to look good and serve as a style guide to all us common folk, and part of looking good is flaunting their totally awesome fashion sense. Each week, I will be highlighting my Style Idol of the week: a celebrity who consistently shows keen fashion sense and whose closet I would raid in a heartbeat.

Of course, no celebs are immune to the occasional “what the hell were they thinking?” moment, but for the most part, these celebs look foxy and fabulous and inspire us all to do the same.]

Charlize Theron is a not only a gifted actress and a natural stunner, she’s a fashion icon who is consistently placed on best-dressed lists for her ability to put together jaw-dropping ensembles that highlight her gorgeous face and body. She does a great job of wearing everything from vintage/classic to avante garde styles, and even when donning a casual look, she looks chic, put together and beautiful.

Dior is one of her favorite designers and I can’t imagine him having anyone better to show off his duds. Charlize accessorizes with very natural make-up and a shimmery bronzer to add a light glow to her lovely complexion. She’s worn her hair long, short, brown and blonde, and looked gorgeous with every different look.

Charlize has an essence about her that makes her look seem effortless and her statuesque presence is only highlighted by her beautiful fashion choices. The girl’s got a style that many women try to emulate, but few can pull off and that in itself makes her my Style Idol of the week.

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