Love Em or Hate Em: Colorful Sneakers

shoe.jpgI am about as preppy as they come. I own the Polo Oxford in every color, wear v-neck sweaters more than is socially acceptable, and think tortoise glasses are the epitome of cool.

So I was mighty surprised when I found myself coveting these sweet sneaks at Foot Locker last weekend.

I don’t know what it is, but I am in love with the retro sneaker that has made its way into every corner of the fashion world this year. Maybe its a deep desire to be cool. Or maybe I’m just sick of my brown Converse. Or my entire “going to the library” look.

I want to buy them, but I’m just not sure, 1) how to wear them, and 2) if they are totally

lame/ugly/horrible. I mean, I rarely get out of the Gap so how am I supposed to know what is trendy?


What do you think about the colorful sneaker? Love it or hate it?

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