I’m Headed to the Inauguration!

Knowing just what to expect out of possibly the most important weekend of my life thus far (at least politically speaking), is like knowing what you’re getting for Christmas as a kid, how many times lightning will strike over Nebraska next year, or how much money you’ll lose or gain by January 2010 because of the deepening recession or reversal thereof.

It’s totally unpredictable.

Here’s what I do know:

For the first time in my life, my generation is thoroughly excited by not just a presidential candidate, but the president elect. We could all be dead wrong, but from the way things are looking, Barack Obama’s election into office will turn over new leaves for our country that haven’t been turned over in…at least eight years.

I grew up hearing stories about political union in a generation and, sure, we aren’t all in agreement about the change that Obama may or may not make. But so many of us are excited that, for once, I feel like a part of something that I am proud to be a part of.

So I’m on a bus heading to Washington DC from New York. Already, the 60-some people on board are buzzing – all revved up and ready to explode for their weekend in DC. While the inauguration itself is the event we’re all going down to experience and witness, the weekend of celebration before should be one for the books. Even the bars are allowed to stay open until 4am this weekend. (I know that means nothing to you, New Yorkers, so I say to you: imagine an event so big that New York bars were allowed to stay open until 6am.)

There are parties going down everywhere with alcohol being served at low prices in the name of patriotic glee. There’s a concert taking place on Sunday that will be the biggest concert I have ever attended (umm…everyone from Bruce Spingsteen to U2 to Beyonce are performing). Georgetown Cupcake will be serving special Inauguration cupcakes. And so much more. D.C. and all surrounding areas are going to be packed with people all there for the same reason: to celebrate an historical moment. And our new President.

Whether you’re in DC or not this weekend, I urge you to celebrate. Even if you didn’t vote for Obama and are apprehensive about the kinds of good he could do, at least celebrate that things will probably be getting better, because, let’s face it, we can only go up from here.

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