The Freshman Experience: Home for the Holidays

So the thrill of the first snowfall is over, I’ve seen all my hometown friends, and I opened all my presents. First semester was great, I keep telling everyone. I am now a pro at explaining how wonderful college is to all my relatives and my friends, and even my friends’ relatives. But looking back, it really was great.

In fact, for the first time ever I am getting a little bored of vacation, and actually am looking forward to returning to school. That probably has more to do with missing friends and living out from under my parents’ roof more than homework and tests, but part of me actually wants to go to class rather than sit around and browse the internet for days on end. For once I have a place other than home where I am more comfortable.

The strangest part of being home is that I feel like I am on vacation, and not living here. For eighteen years this house has been my home-base, and now it’s more like my temporary housing before heading back to the dorms. I am not sure if this is a good or a bad thing, but I have definitely changed. Sure, there are the perks of being at home. I can shower without wearing flip-flops. I can leave my room a mess and let my mom wash my clothes for me (although this takes a little convincing, since supposedly if I can do my own laundry at school, I can do it at home, too). I can eat food that I actually pick, rather than the latest dining hall concoction.

Although I like the norm of being in my old room and driving my car again, I must admit that I prefer dorm life right now. Who would’ve thought that I’d rather live with hundreds of other girls than just my parents, brother, and dog? But I finally figured out the big difference—in the dorms, I take care of myself. I do chores like laundry or cleaning because I want to, not because I should. I eat when I want to, I sleep when I want to, and I make my own routine.

In the dorm life, I am on my own and have no one with expectations. No one is telling me that I need to wash my mug out or throw out the trash. I handle it myself. And while my classes are why I am in college, it’s the social changes which affect me the most. Home is no longer home base, but rather my hideaway where I can watch movies all day online. But in the end of winter break, when I open my dorm room door, I will really be back to my routine. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I sort of want vacation to be over.

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