The Love List: Middle School Treasures

[Welcome to my Weekly Love List, a list on all things I love. Because if I love them, well, obviously you may (and should) love them too. As the Backstreet Boys song says (and yes I am actually quoting them) “My Love is All I Have To Give.” So with that throwback, here are this week’s list-worthy things…]

If there is one thing I love, it’s nostalgia. There is nothing better than sitting around with your friends looking at photos of those awful bangs, horrible stirrup leggings and puff painted sweatshirts and reminiching about the days of yore.  So for this week’s LOVE List I thought I would delve back into those scrapbooks and bring you my top 5 childhood LOVES. It’s hard to narrow down to five so let us know what you loved back then too!

1. Platform Jump Shoes. This must-have trend (from Vagabonds to Rebels to Sketchers) were the  gym shoe in my middle school. Obviously worn with your Paris Blues or your ribbed light purple Hard Tails. I thought I was too cool for school in my black and white “gym shoes” (which is ironic since they  were unacceptable for gym class).

2. Beanie Babies. I have a TRUNK of these bad boys sitting in basement because TY had me convinced that my discontinued Garcia Bear would be worth thousands by now. Too bad they are selling on ebay for $5.00. Not only does my lunch costs more than that, it’s less than their original $6.00 price tag. But at the time, Beanie babies were like a hot pair of Manolos on major sale: sold out in stores everywhere,  causing fights by pushy mothers nationwide. For a good two years, there was not a holiday or birthday that went by that someone did not give me a Beanie Baby.

3. JTT. Seriously, there was nothing more exciting than spending my lunch hour trading tear out posters from Teen Beat and Bop magazine. JTT, or for those of you who lived under a rock back in the 90s, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, was just a whole other level. He (and maybe Andrew Keegan) was the ONE and only… until Leonardo Dicaprio went down with the ship, that is.

4. Chupa Chups. I associate Chupa Chups with the Spice Girls and Hanson. Which also brings me back to traumatic memories of a boy haircut and bright purple and teal alternating braces. True story. But those choloate vanilla swirls became the obsession of middle school.

5. The sound of the dial up modem. Don’t get me wrong: I love my fast internet. But there was something about coming home from school, turning on TRL to see the Backstreet Boys and Britney, while that noise (you know EXACTLY what im talking about) dialed up your AOL so you could go into random chatrooms and get in online fights with your friends. (Oh the drama).

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