How You Do: Living a Greener Life

We could all stand to save some more energy and resources. It’s not only good for the environment, it’s good for us, too. By greenifying even one or two more aspects of your life, you’ll save money and do your part to make the world a better place.Here are some instructions for how to make specific areas of your life a little greener!

In the Home

Heat: Turn down your thermostat 5-10 degrees when you leave the house in the morning. When you come back, you can turn it back up—but make sure to turn it down again when you go to sleep, and snuggle under those blankets. These adjustments can save you at least $20 per month.

Electricity: We all know that we should turn the lights off when we leave a room, but did you know that vampire appliances could be sucking cash out of your electricity bill? Just by leaving your microwave, TV, and other appliances plugged in, you’re zapping electricity. Unplug them when they’re not in use, and you could save $10 or more per month.

Out and About

Groceries: Girl, if you don’t already have a few reusable grocery bags, get them! These suckers cut down so much on consumption. It’s easy to hang them by your door or toss them in your car so they’ll always be handy, and you’ll save literally hundreds of plastic and paper grocery bags by using your own totes. Some stores even give you a discount for bringing bags along.

Gas: I didn’t believe the rumors of how much gas you can save by driving at or below the speed limit until I actually tried it. It works incredibly well. By taking a 250-mile road trip and staying at or only slightly above the speed limit, I don’t take a bunch of extra time and I save about a quarter of a tank of gas. With prices going up again, that’s like a $10 savings.

In the Real World

At Work/School: Most jobs and classes take up a LOT of paper. If you have to print, reduce the font and print double-sided when you can. Save the double-spaced, 12-point, one-sided papers for only the most professional of circumstances. If it’s possible, e-mail documents instead of printing them out, and keep e-mails and other resources on digital file rather than crammed in a physical folder.

Walk or Bike: If you’re going from class to class or running errands within short distances of one another, ditch the car. It really won’t take much longer, and you’ll get a nice breath of fresh air by walking or biking. If you rig up your bike with a milk crate or another handy carrying case, you can even get by with stashing groceries in it.

These are all very simple adjustments, but they really do add up. What are your own green tips that you’d like to add?

[Photo courtesy of Krisdecurtis on Flickr.]

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