Take Part In The National Day of Service

Tomorrow is the big day for President-elect Obama and you would think that today he’d be resting up or putting the final touches on his speech.Not our President-Elect.

Today the soon-to-be Pres is going to be participating in the National Day of Service and urges all of us to do the same. Obama is asking everyone to get up and get out to participate and volunteer in their communities.

The initiative is being launched in collaboration with USAservice.org, a website that has listed every event you can get involved in. Based on where you are living, you can find events to help out in your community. The site has opportunities from your local YMCA to Habitat for Humanity.

Even if you won’t be able to participate in today’s Day of Service, this is a great site to look at if you are interested in helping out a little more in your community.

But, let’s be real; if Barack Obama has time to help out today, so do you.

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