Ann Coulter: A Role Model for the Modern Woman

There are a few universal truths that everyone who has left their house in the last thirty years are aware of. One is that airplane travel will never be known for the stellar in-flight snacks. Another is that Paris Hilton will never be a productive member of society. A third truth is that nobody will ever be able to agree about Ann Coulter, and her shock-jock style of being a political pundit.

Personally, while I don’t agree with all of her views, I am a fan of Ann Coulter. I admire her courage to speak her mind without fear of consequence, and her strength to continue putting forth her opinion boldly even when a vast majority of Americans absolutely cannot stand her. I disagree with her on some of her stances, and my views tend to be less extreme than hers, but overall I support her whole-heartedly. So, with that in mind, I’m putting forth an opposing argument to the accusation that Ann Coulter is the anti-feminist.

In the early 1900s, when suffragettes were working tirelessly to grant women the right to vote, they were often treated horrendously by the male-dominated world around them. They were jailed for their protests, and force-fed when they went on hunger strikes to protest their treatment. The suffragettes were treated as deviants by society, and derided as being radical lunatics trying to usurp male authority. While they had a base of support from women, they were despised by male authority figures, and other women turned against them.

Ann Coulter would not want to be called a feminist, as Gloria Steinem would define it. She does not support abortion, has never burned a bra, and will never use affirmative action as a weapon to suit her own ends. She is not, however a force detrimental to women. If a political slant was removed from her writing, she would be hailed as a woman breaking the somehow ever-present glass ceiling, and her satirical tone would be portrayed as “edgy” and “revolutionary,” not “antagonistic” or “condemning.” But because she uses an “edgy” tone that goes against the grain of a sizeable portion of politically conscious citizens, she is demonized and slandered by her critics. In a liberal-slanted media, the negative focus is fixated on Ann Coulter’s blunt conservatism, and similar liberal pundits, such as the charming and soft spoken Arianna Huffington, are spared a harsh public eye and actual criticism of shallow, vacuous writing.

You may not like what Ann Coulter says, or writes, or thinks. But it is undeniable that in the formerly male-dominated world of politics, she is a force of nature. She speaks her mind without concern for popularity, without padding her words with compromises and concessions, and has never allowed a man to get the best of her in a debate. She even earnestly supported Hillary Clinton in the 2008 presidential campaign, turning against the Republican nominee to support a fellow “glass-ceiling demolitionist.”

You may call her series of books irrelevant, but the mere fact that she has authored six New York Times Best-Sellers is an indication that her opinion is far from irrelevant, and especially not in the area of American politics. Labeling her as batsh*t insane is a baseless act, and one that demeans politics from a mature playing field to childhood playground taunts. It is also a violently anti-feminist act, because it supports the idea that bold, vocal women should be stifled in their opinions and labeled as insane, social deviants incapable of independent thought. To criticize her for how she dresses and portrays herself, when she is styled more conservatively than the vast majority of our society, is wrong. It is in fact, a one- way ticket back to the 1950s.

Is she good for women, or bad?

Ann Coulter is good for women because she proves that a woman can succeed in a male dominated world without compromising her femininity in order to gain respect. She is strong, beautiful, and very intelligent, all traits that should be valued by women, and certainly meet the requirements of a female role model. She is not a twisted, bitter, and man-hating drone of Third Wave Feminism. Instead, she is a bold, vivacious, and well-educated woman who represents traits modern women should strive to achieve. Whatever opinions other pundits have about her, they still value her opinion enough to continually invite her on their shows to have intelligent, and, at times, loud debates with her. Her arguments are intelligently constructed and witty, which are received as abrasive and “crazy” to those on the receiving end of her opinions.

I am a conservative, Christian Republican, and I am very proud of Ann Coulter.

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