Baby, It’s Cold Outside: How to Have a Great Weekend Without Getting Frostbite

There’s something that doesn’t seem quite right about the fact that a college student is more likely to skip class when the atmospheric temp drops below zero than to say “no” to a party.

Sure, we can layer five sweaters, two hoodies, a parka, and a scarf, but once we’ve stepped outside, bookbag in hand, we realize we would much rather snuggle up under our down comforters and hibernate until spring. Yet, when Friday rolls around, we’re willing to trudge across campus in a blizzard, wearing mini skirts and halter tops, just to look cute for Martini Night.

Of course, these practices only snowball (har har har) into bigger problems when we get strep throat, bronchitis, the flu, or other wintery illness since our immune systems have been frozen solid. Rather than braving the cold, risking hypothermia, or sitting in an ice-cube of a car, begging the heat to kick in for twenty minutes just so you can feel the steering wheel to drive to a party, here are some ways to make the weekends work…warmly.

1. Host a floor party.

Especially in suite-style dorms or university apartment complexes, this is a no-brainer. Everyone can pop in and out as they please, nobody even needs a jacket, and you’ll never be stuck being the DD. If your RA is a stickler for the rules, this can be tricky, but if you can get away with it, have an open house on your floor/in your hall/ around the building.

2. Order delivery.

You’re going to do it anyway if you’re stumbling home from the bar. So skip the “going outside” part- don’t even venture to the dining hall- and order a couple of piping hot pizzas, right to your door. Make some hot cocoa in your microwave (spike it with Bailey’s if you like), and have a roasted, toasted food fest. When you’re finished indulging, you wouldn’t want to wear a skimpy outfit anyway.

3. Make your dorm room a personal spa.

Pretend spring break has come early. Soak your feet in hot water, relax with a heating pad, or model the bikini you bought for the upcoming season. Getting in the mood for summer will help you beat the winter blues. Since you’re staying in anyway, blend up some margaritas. You are always just one step away from snuggling under the cozy, warm covers.

4. Blackout.

I’m not talking about irresponsible drinking. But, since the winter months are the darkest, take advantage of the 4 p.m. nightfall and save some energy. Once, during a winter-storm-induced blackout, my roommate and I lit all of our (illegal by university housing codes) candles, lined up shots of all of the different types of liquor in our kitchen and had a dimmed dance party. To avoid getting written up, use flashlights or a few small lamps. Break out some old board games, or simply have a girly bonding night…in the dark.

5. Snuggle up with that special someone.

Nothing keeps you warm like someone else’s body heat! You can do any of the above with your honey, or release all of your school-induced tension by staying in bed all weekend long. You’ll save money on the bar, burn some calories, and the only gloves you’ll need will be ribbed for your pleasure.

No need to risk driving on icy roads, falling into snowbanks, or getting windburn on your face this winter. There’s plenty of ways to entertain yourself within the confines of your nice, warm walls – whether you’re cheating on your spring break diet (which you deserve), partying it up with your neighbors, being silly (cabin fever can have that affect- and I like it!), or finding an excuse to try Cosmo’s latest “Best Ever” position! What do you do to beat the winter blues?

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