Celebrity Chic on the Cheap: London Wears Short-Shorts.

[Every week our style guru takes a celebrity look and breaks it down for you, our poor college fashionista. What does that mean? It means that while the celebrities are spending $5,000 on an ensemble, you don’t have to.

All you have to do is click on the goods and – boom – you can buy the entire ensemble. Yes, we know; there is a spot for her in heaven.]

I don’t know much about Lily Allen except that she’s from London, Perez likes to slam her and she has really cute bangs. Oh, and she uses hypnosis to lose weight? Weird.

But I don’t need to know what she does (she sings? Good to know). What I do know is that she thinks outside the box with her fashion choices and pulls together looks that we wouldn’t normally think of. Some are not so cute, but this shorts over tights/leopard print combo? Very cute. And a nice change of pace to wear out than that usual cleavage-y top or back-bearing dress.

We all ran far, far away from cut-offs after 1989 Britney’s love affair with them, but Lily Allen proves that they’re back. So, yank those badboys out of the closet and show some legs for a change. Yes, even in the winter!

Here is this week’s celebrity chic on the cheap: London Wears Short-Shorts.

Leopard Print Turtle Neck Top

I know, I know, we all wore leopard in 7th grade and had matching purses, but this animal print is all over the place this year and doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Even Blair Waldorf was rocking it this week. Tuck this little guy into the shorts or, if the daisy duke thing isn’t your look, high waisted jeans or a black high waisted skirt should do the trick.


How economical now that you can wear them all winter long! And you don’t even need to shave your legs. Sa-weeet!

Black Blazer

Throw it on and leave it open. It will keep you warm while tying the whole classy-chic look together.


The more opaque the better (to cover the cellulite that keeps you from wearing short shorts in the first place).


It’s normal to feel stumpy in shorts, but with pumps, those legs will go on forever and ever and ever.

 Quilted Bag

Looks vintage. Looks designer. But with the price of Forever 21. I’d argue you can totally buy love, and it’s right here.

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