Attention World: Jessica Simpson is NOT Fat

Dear Mean Bloggers/News Outlets of the Americas,

Are you kidding me? Like, seriously; are you freaking kidding me?

You’re calling Jessica Simpson fat? FAT?! Maybe she put on a few pounds this winter (just like the rest of the population), or maybe she is the victim of a terrible, TERRIBLE, wardrobe malfunction (hello, mom jeans), but the girl is by no means fat.

I won’t even comment on how ridiculous our society is that this is one of the top headlines today. (Ok, yes I will. There are much bigger things happening in this world right now – things that matter – and all I can find online is a picture after picture of Jessica Simpson’s “severe weight gain”?) And who are we that we have the right to call anyone fat? Unless you have a medical degree or some kind of nutrition background, SHUT UP; it’s not your place to comment.

These days it is so easy to bring someone down thanks to the privacy we have behind our computer screens, but that doesn’t mean we should. Especially when the entire purpose of the comments people make is to be mean and hurtful. These comments are not concerned about her health – and she sure doesn’t seem to be at risk for obesity – so why are we even commenting on her figure at all? Does it feel good to see someone else with flaws? Does it make us feel better to be catty, mean bitches?

If anything I think it makes us look even more insecure about our bodies and ourselves.

One Daily News commenter writes, “[She is] well on her way to a massive FUPA, she is losing the only commodity she has, t & a.” So Jessica Simpson is only good for T&A, huh? You may not find her to be the most talented, or talented at all, but she must be doing something right to have had such a lucrative career in music and Hollywood.

I’m going to be honest – to break a woman’s entire persona down into only her body is disgusting and demeaning and I’m sick of it. When we live in a society where 80% of thirteen-year-olds have attempted to lose weight and 8 million Americans suffer from an eating disorder I think it’s about time we start looking at what we’re saying. I don’t want to go all Chris Crocker via “Leave Britney Alone,” but how about we leave body images alone?

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