Senioritis: Totally Checked Out

I usually love the first week of the semester. Hour-long classes are reduced to ten minute group-syllabus readings and the only homework is filling out an index card with my name and a fun fact. I usually run to the bookstore and pick up five color-coded notebooks, folders, and pens and then quickly fill them all in with class names, professor’s office hours, and class meeting times.

But this semester I just can’t make myself seem to care about my classes.

I spent all my ten-minute syllabus lectures twitching to leave while glaring at the girl who thought it was okay to ask questions about the professor’s font preferences (really? is that really essential information right now?). I bought one five-subject notebook and started using an old Trapper Keeper folder that I found at home for all my handouts. I’m not even exactly sure where I even found this Trapper Keeper because the fun facts on the inside folds include a list of the presidents and ends with President Clinton 1993- ___. The only other things I have at home that are that old are an empty pog case and a Minnie-Mouse diary with one entry that reads, “Woke up, watched tv. Urkel very funny today!”

I can’t make myself do any work and I’m acting like its senior year of high school all over again. Except senior year of high school I was into a college, my grades didn’t matter, and the teachers totally knew it. But this time around I have no idea what I’m doing next year, my grades still matter (I’ll be applying to law school after one year of trying to make it in a creative field paid in opinionated blog commenters) and my professors are still assigning tons of work that will eventually lead up to midterms and exams.

It’s only the second week of classes and I already find myself procrastinating with watching bad sitcom reruns (I’m talking bad like The Nanny bad) and playing Time of your Life while looking at Facebook pictures from the past four years. And since it appears that there are rules against letting me take all my classes pass-fail, it looks like I’m going to have to come up with a lot more procrastination methods for the next few months.

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Tuesday’s College Blogger Shout Out
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