Candy Dish: Domino Has Fallen

Another Conde Nast magazine bites the dust.

In other depressing news, mail delivery may get cut back to 5 days a week.

Lookalike couples: cute or totally creepy?

Jessica Simpson may be smarter than we thought…

I don’t know weather to lay in this bed or take a bite out of the side.

Bowling Green basketball doesn’t let a little snow get in their way.

Joaquin Phoenix really needs to shave that beard and go away. But really – shave the beard, man.

This may actually make me want to do some Yoga. 

Is George Bush afraid of feminists?

Lady Gaga officially ruined. Thanks, Paris!

Laundry at OSU costs 120 calories…

PETA Proves: Vegetarians Are Hot (And Naughty)
PETA Proves: Vegetarians Are Hot (And Naughty)
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